domingo, 18 de dezembro de 2011

Free radicals

Título Original:
Böse zellen
Áustria - Alemanha - Suiça
ALBERT, Barbara
Kathrin Resetarits - Ursula Strauss - Georg Friedrich - Marion Mitterhammer - Martin Brambach - Rupert L. Lehofer - Bellinda Akwa-Asare - Gabriela Schmoll - Christian Ghera - Karl Fischer - Désirée Ourada - Dominik Hartel - Nicole Skala - Deborah Ten Brink - Alfred Worel
A young Austrian survives the crash of a commercial airliner. Six years later, she's a clerk, a mother, happy. Then she dies in a car accident. Over the next year, we follow her daughter, who goes through various medical blood tests, her husband, her best friend who's been having an affair with her husband, her sister who trades sex for shelter, her brother and his hesitant friendship with an emotionally-locked clerk at a pharmacy, the clerk's lonely mother, an unpopular high-school student with bad skin, and the boy she may connect with, who was driving the car in the fatal crash. In happenstance are there patterns? In life is there meaning?
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