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The people of the Cumberland

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The people of the Cumberland
Estados Unidos
KAZAN, Elia - LEYDA, Jay - MEYERS, Sidney - WATTS, Bill
Richard Blaine (narrador)
In 1932 a group of teachers aware of the horrible conditions in the Cumberland organized the Highlander Folk School, under the direction of Miles Horton. Produced with the cooperation of the Highlander Folk School and the People of Cumberland, Stebbins and Hill take cameras to the Plateau of the Cumberland, the ruined badlands of a forgotten people. The film demonstrates a new beginning for the coal miners and mill workers and the advantages of labor unions. "Get wise! Organize!" is its main theme. Like Native Land, this combination documentary of re-enacted drama and actual footage shows the poverty-stricken, uneducated community struggling to become an efficient, productive society through education and the labor movement. "There's a new spirit in America. Men and women are more than machines! They've got a union coast to coast! The People of the Cumberland are not alone!" However, "there were powerful forces that still denied the right of these people to a happy life." Union members were hunted down and murdered. A labor rally proves that Americans are too tough to be frightened, believing that "it's a new kind of independence day. No more terror, no more insecurity, no more gangsters, no more fear in the streets." Displaying dancing, boxing, tug-of-wars, and hog calling between scenes of poverty and death, the film ends with a plea for "a new kind of America," symbolized by the national flag and projects like the TVA, with narration stating: "The bad lands remain. The people must be fit. No more routine of birth and death and scurvy. The land must give life. Youth takes over. A new generation of American children of union men in a union town. The people stand together. A new kind of power. A new morning for America, for the hope of the Cumberland."
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