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Hot money

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Hot money
MAGDER, Zale - MCGOWAN, George
Michael Murphy - Orson Welles - Ann Lange - Daniel Buccos - Lu M. Dishart - Sharon Dyer - Michele Finney - Jo Ann Frost - Marvin Goldhar - Jon Granik - Tom Harvey - Don James - Ken James - Thomas Kopache - Ray Landry
Burt, a clever ex-con, has changed his identity and has managed to land a job as a deputy in small town in upstate New York. On the 4th of July, while the drunken Sheriff Paisley is busy with the local parade and festivities, Burt quietly steals a million dollars in cash from the cellar safe in the local rich old widow's house. Unsuspected, Burt makes plans to live the rest of his life in the lap of luxury in a far off place with his attractive girlfriend, local hash house waitress Jeanette. But when a crisis of conscience hits him like a wave of ice cold water, he starts to think twice about his dastardly deed, and how that purloining of the old lady's money is wrongly affecting his friends as well as innocent locals. But will Burt do the right thing?
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