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Garden of the moon

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Garden of the moon
Estados Unidos
Pat O'Brien - Margaret Lindsay - John Payne - Johnnie Davis - Melville Cooper - Isabel Jeans - Mabel Todd - Penny Singleton - Dick Purcell - Curt Bois - Granville Bates - Edward McWade - Larry Williams - Ray Mayer - Jerry Colonna
John Quinn is the ruthless manager of the night club Garden of the Moon. He has booked Rudy Vallee & his Connecticut Yankees for a season as his band, but due to a car accident Vallee can't work for a while, Quinn's secretary Toni Blake is only able to get the unknown band of Don Vincente. Quinn makes it clear to Vincente, that he has only to work for a fortneight, untill Valle is able to work. Vincente doesn't like the way of Quinn handling his personal and they start their small private war against each other. Vincente falls in love with Toni Blake, and when Vincente becomes famous, inspite of Quinn's trials to make a fool out of him and gets an offer for a radio programm, he gladly accepts. But Toni Blake don't want to leave her job in the Garden of the Moon, so Quinn starts his game to get Vincente back.
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